Art, Wine & Culture

Silo Art Trail

If you're heading south (towards either Melbourne or Adelaide) and you're not in a hurry,
consider following the Silo Art Trail. There are numerous country towns that have painted
some very impressive artworks on their enormous grain silos.

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Music festivals

The Tooleybuc Sporting Club hosts a number of Jazz and Country music festivals
throughout the year. These events are very popular, so please book ahead to avoid
disappointment. If you're interested to know the dates and availability for upcoming
events please enquire at reception. We do have waiting lists, so we can let you know
if someone cancels.

Please visit for upcoming events.

Andrew Peace Winery

One of Australia's largest family-owned wineries is just 5 minutes from here. With a
wide range of wines available to taste and a beautiful spot to picnic by the lake outside,
Andrew Peace Wines is the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon.

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Ring Tree – Aboriginal heritage site

If you follow the Koraleigh Rd which heads south out of Tooleybuc (on the NSW side
of the river), after around 10 -12 minutes a roadside sign warns you that you are
approaching the Ring Tree. A remnant of pre-colonial days, it is a very rare surviving
example of an old Aboriginal boundary or river crossing marker (this one is believed
to be for navigation, possibly guiding travellers to a safe river crossing). To form this
ring, the branches have been tied together so they grew into this unusual circular
shape. Situated on the right-hand side of the road,it is a large tree which stands alone
about 10 metres off the road.

There are many other historic sites in the area, the details of which can be found online
via the website.